Tuesday 28 March 2017

We're a nation of sheep

Sir -- The 'not-coping class' is not revolting, not yet at least. But a ticking time bomb, larger even than the debt mountain crushing the 'pips' out of the silent majority, is building in pressure -- like a magma chamber in a seemingly dormant volcano.

The current crisis can either destroy us or renew us. We Irish, now better known to the world for not revolting than for Riverdance, or force-feeding foreign dignitaries Guinness, are in fact the opposite of our national stereotype. Far from being the 'fightin' Irish' of American folklore, or the 'rebel Irish' of our own historical fantasy, we are in fact sheep -- compliant, docile and stupid little sheep. This is how we have come to be known, the face we present to the world. How the hell did we let this happen? The answer lies at the foundation of the State: the 'never-has-been' Republic of Ireland.

So far, we can be forgiven for being shocked by what the Fianna Fail hegemony did to us. Fianna Fail, the eternal subversive, spent its entire history breaking down this State, one dirty deal and stroke at a time. The logical conclusion of allowing those apes near power has been the ending of our national sovereignty.

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