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Monday 22 September 2014

Top-ups beat 'em all

Published 02/02/2014 | 02:30

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Charities are suffering declining income
Charities are suffering declining income

Madam – A few years ago I had a letter printed here in the Sunday Independent regarding my contributions to several various charities, and how I was getting dubious about them all, and that charity begins at home after all. Within a week I had letters from practically every one of them explaining how the money I sent was being utilised, and reassuring me that all was well, and hoping that I would continue to subscribe.

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However, not one of them told me how much of the money went to pay off and give top-ups to executives.

In the light of recent events in that regard, it has definitely made up my mind, once and for all, about future contributions from this pensioner.

If I am to make contributions in the future it will be to send a sick child for treatment abroad, or for some charitable event (eg, a hospice) where the money is paid into a fund or bank account to go directly to that event.

It is a disgrace that so many letters are being dropped through my letterbox, and so many phone calls made to my house, begging me to continue with contributions, to what now is turning out to be payments to top dogs who are earning hundreds of times more than my measly pension.

We have had many shameful events down through the years in this country of ours, but surely recent disgusting disclosures must rank with the very worst.

Murt Hunt,

Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo

Irish Independent

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