Friday 20 October 2017

Too much bull

• After a period of unemployment I have been lucky enough to get a job again in sales, where I belong.

I recently had a successful quarter and got a decent pay-packet and did the following: Repaired my ailing car with local mechanic; paid my road tax and booked NCT; paid my ESB arrears; replaced my kitchen worktop using a local contractor; booked a holiday for my family in the west of Ireland for a week; bought some clothes and shoes and discarded my old pair that had glue holding the soles on; bought some toys for the kids to play on in the back garden; paid for summer camp for my five-year-old so he will have something to do; bought a daily paper; bought groceries and chose the brands that I prefer; bought a box of beer.

I even paid the full amount of my mortgage, although the interest rate is extortionate. I hope to do the same next quarter. It's nice to contribute to the economy in a real way. Get us back to work. Stop bailing out the banks.

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