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Thief of Christmas

Published 05/12/2012 | 05:00

• The nice feeling of the anticipation of Christmas has been marred by the constant speculation about the Budget.

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Why has it been moved to December?

The politicians and civil servants drafting this are totally insulated from the realities of the real world. Their lovely presents arrive every salaried and pensioned month while the rest of us just look forward to a once a year celebration!

K Nolan
Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim

• Little Richard turns 80 on Budget Day. Perhaps he would sum up our prospects thus, "good golly less lolly".

Tom Gilsenan
Beaumont, Dublin 9

• The Government's answer to those, such as pensioners, who will not be able to afford the property tax is not a waiver but deferrals, according to leaks. The unpaid tax plus interest will accrue as a lien on a property and when the pensioner dies they can pay 'from beyond the grave' when their home is sold and the council takes what is owed to it.

As OAPs can live for over 30 years, deferrals could mount to almost the value of the house. This situation would cause distress and worry for a generation of people who never got in over their heads in debt and always paid their bills.

It will add a new group who are in arrears to the mostly young who are behind in mortgages and provide a windfall bonanza of home seizures for local authorities. Where is the fairness in that I ask?

Paul McCormack
Howth, Co Dublin

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