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There is a path out of depression

Published 06/12/2015 | 02:30

Sir - Depression paints a frightful picture of devastation, havoc and unhappiness wrought in so many people's lives and also leads to suicide by unfortunate people, who, in their deep-rooted despair, feel they cannot cope any longer. Sometimes depression is considered to be a deadly disease.

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I would like to take issue with that image of depression in Ireland (and the western world). My life's experience has taught me otherwise.

I would not live my youth again. I was born with severe hearing loss and in 11 years of schooling I suffered physical beatings and mental trauma, which lead to severe depression, unhappiness and despair. For many years, I did not seek medical help.

Then one day I made an amazing discovery. Ignoring social and medical conditioning to look outwards, I looked inwards and found I could tap into a bottomless well of strength which we all possess. Briefly, in giving honest answers to myself, I made the discovery that I was the architect of my own unhappiness. I was feeding so-called depression with negative destructive thinking, which was fuelled by my own low self-esteem and self-pity.

I was elated to discover that depression is not a physical entity - it is a thought process that reacts to the negative or positive we feed into it.

I could not wait to test my discovery, which I found and I completely changed my life for the better almost overnight.

Personal happiness and stability were there for the taking, and from my positive and wonderful experience evolved my maxim: "We are the products of our own thoughts."

Yes, we are what we feed our mind with - change your attitude change your life. The above experience happened over 40 years ago and I since have daily happiness and stability which I would like to share with others who are searching for it.

Depression is two-fold; a smaller amount of people will always need medical attention and drugs. The much larger amount of people can help themselves.

Dermot Cooke

December 8

Sir - Never mind your Black Fridays, cyber Mondays, wifi Wednesdays and all the other ould shopping fads that have been foisted on us.

There is only one real shopping day in Ireland and that's the 8th of December. That's when we rural people mobilise and organise and "head to town". We are not after technology or gadgets. We are looking for the traditional things: Lemons sweets, USA biscuits, the Christmas copy of the Ireland's Own, sturdy clothes, a bit of style for the dinner dance, new good clothes for the kids and a few traditional toys and games.

You won't find us using payment apps, we will haggle and pay in crumpled, well-worn notes. You won't find us shopping online. We will try the stuff on and ask for opinions and input: "Oh that coat is lovely on you, Xavier, but the colour is a bit young for you." Well, come home and tell stories of our great adventure: "Jaaaaaysus, town was mobbed, you couldn't move in the shops." Long after Black Friday is forgotten, we'll still be heading to town on December 8.

Xavier McCullough


Telling the truth

Sir - Do you really believe the following:

That austerity is finally over and we can forget about soldiers guarding our ATMS?

That some of the homeless will be living in their new modular homes before Christmas?

That the executive members of the IFA did not know what each other were earning?

That over 300,000 of our young men and women have emigrated and are unlikely to return?

That hundreds of thousands of jobs have been provided here, but salaries yet to be announced?

That the Minister for Health has at last solved the trolley crisis in our hospitals?

That any hospital considered not to be doing its best will be fined €10,000?

That patients who are longer than 10 years on a waiting list will be given a DIY surgical kit?

That from here on in every politician will tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Fred Molloy

Dublin 15

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