Friday 18 April 2014

The State that stole Christmas

Madam – Yes, I know I am too old to be writing to Santa Claus, but this year he might just be the last hope for Irish children.

At present, there is a very anti- Christmas movement in this country, and I feel Santa might just be the only one who can now sort out Ireland – known as 'the land of neverending austerity.'

This year, once again, the Government wants to phase out Christmas and Santa Claus. I think it is time Santa knew what is really going on.

As we all know, the movement against him began a few years ago. Originally the bankers & Co wrote to Santa Claus for a bailout.

However, the jolly guy subsequently refused to pay any bondholders saying that Irish children's needs were much more important to him.

That was when the bankers & Co, and the Government, decided to phase out Christmas.

Santa was then unjustly painted as the bad guy because he had the cheek to point out to them that they had "not been good at all that year" and that they didn't deserve the bailout.

So, that was when the Government decided to become the new German-themed 'Austerity Pelznickel.' That seemed to be when the whole 'anti-season of goodwill', movement really started.

Personally, I am very tired of trying to fight austerity. We certainly do want Christmas in our house for my son, who has autism, this year.

Like many others, I too have tried to write to this new 'Austerity Pelznickel' but unfortunately he says they just don't have Santa's resources.

So, instead, all of us parents with special-needs children just have to keep hoping for a miracle, ie the advent of proper services for our children in 2013.

Mary Kelly Godley

Tarbert, Co Kerry

Sunday Independent

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