Friday 28 July 2017

The big deal

• I sometimes want to scream when I hear everybody banging on about supporting Irish businesses. The only thing that never gets mentioned is the level of service these Irish businesses should be expected to provide.

We're building a new bathroom and saw a vanity unit we liked and were told that the price was €546 plus VAT, giving a total of €671.58. We thought that sounded expensive so we went home and found the same unit on the website of a bathroom supplier in England for £229 including delivery to Ireland. That's a total of €273.

In a separate case, my daughter's violin needed a small adjustment and I was recommended a violin technician who has a shop in town. I rang to ask if the repair could be done while I wait. He asked me if the violin was bought in his shop. When I said that it wasn't, he said that they only deal with their own instruments.

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