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Sir - I was disappointed to read former Tyrone manager, Art McRory's comments (

Published 31/05/2015 | 02:30

Sir - I was disappointed to read former Tyrone manager, Art McRory's comments (Sunday Independent, 24 May) in relation to Dermot Crowe's suggestion that the sledging solution in GAA lies in leadership on the sideline.

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His statement that, in the 1990s, Meath had a very simple tactic of "targeting the top player on the other team and everyone within 20m would hit him with everything they had", is not only factually incorrect, but an insult to the intelligence and integrity of Sean Boylan, a man that I never once heard encourage any form of physical or verbal intimidation in the 10 years I had the privilege of playing under his guidance.

I can guarantee that all the players under his stewardship could put their hands on their heart and say likewise. Furthermore his comments had nothing to do with the article in question.

It seems that Art has never got over Tyrone's 1996 All-Ireland semi-final defeat on his watch and the late tackle that John McDermott put in on Peter Canavan which was exactly that, a late tackle, but was dealt with by the referee at the time as he saw fit. I am sure that there are a number of teams or individuals who 'suffered' at the hands of Tyrone during their hard earned and well deserved three All Irelands, but I hope they will have got over it 20 years later.

As for his view that he knows "of no manager who would... tolerate" sledging, let's wait and see how the Tyrone minor management, which includes Ryan McMenamin, a self-proclaimed "sledger", deal with the claim by Donegal's Declan Bonner that their captain Michael Carroll was subjected to vile verbal abuse by two Tyrone minor players at last Sunday's match.

That's the second allegation of verbal abuse made against a Tyrone underage team in the past month. Art, are you watching the same game as the rest of us? Get your own house in order before you start throwing stones!

Gerry McEntee

Eccles St, Dublin

Garda's good plan for baby Maria

Sir - I feel that Niamh Horan's criticism of the gardai and social workers in their handling of the abandoned baby Maria case was quite unfair (Sunday Independent, 24 May).

I did not detect the "heavy-handed approach" she refers to. By using emotive phrases, the authorities may have tugged at heartstrings, but this was always done with the best of intentions.

John Bellew,


Co Louth

Sunday Independent

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