Sunday 22 October 2017

Save us from the TV chefs

Sir -- With hours of prime time television swallowed up by programmes about cooking, isn't it about time those forced-feeding us this frying pan-demic devoid of ideas changed their TV menu and gave the viewer something different to sink their teeth into. I am sure there are many households out there sick to the stomach hearing about such things as: Bechamel sauce; vegetarian three course; Dover sole; toad in the hole; poached eggs on toast; Sunday roast; Halloween snack; devils on horseback; buttered scone; ham on the bone; gazpacho soup; lobster en croute; rolled-out pastry; garlic for the lazy; sage and onion stuffing; blueberry muffin; food for special occasions; currants and raisins; cream cheese samosas; last night's leftovers; rosemary and thyme; the juice of a lime; sirloin steak; vegetable bake; Peaches Geldof; beef stroganoff; dietary fibre; cooking with cider; rhubarb and custard; scotch eggs with mustard; soft boiled quail; frogs legs and snail; eggs in a bowl; cheese and tomato roll; melon for starter; meringue for after; curry from Delhi; summer fruits with jelly; stir fry surprise; gas mark 5; deep fried haddock; Fanny and Johnny Craddock.

Get the picture?

Vincent O'Connell,

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