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Safety is primary role of cabin crew

Published 08/06/2014 | 02:30

Madam – The opening three paragraphs of Willie Kealy's article on the cabin crew rostering dispute (Sunday Independent, June 1, 2014), was not atypical. He was just short of referring to cabin crew as 'Trolley Dollies'.

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He says: "I really don't care if the steward on the plane is knackered and can't wait to get home, as long as the pilot is awake and alert."

This shows complete ignorance of the role (not to mention the correct title) of a cabin crew member. Further, he said that "they were struggling to get my attention anyway" when he wrote about "a few hundred airline stewards, male and female".

I would venture to say that Mr Kealy would probably ignore the safety demonstration, thus requiring assistance to swiftly exit a smoke-filled cabin because he couldn't be bothered to read the safety card or check for the nearest emergency exit before take-off. I do care that cabin crew members are alert and professional, thank you, not 'knackered' due to a rostering problem. The primary purpose of a cabin crew is the safety of their passengers. All else is secondary.

Perhaps, instead of Mr Kealy's lazy approach to his profession, he might spend some time investigating the training and purpose of a cabin crew member.

Dermot Canavan,

Gorey, Co Wexford


Madam – I was delighted to read about the dandelion. (Sunday Independent, May 15, 2014). It was great. That morning I happened to sit in a field with my dog surrounded by the most beautiful dandelions, such a bright and vibrant yellow colour, they would leave the daffodil standing. It is a pity they get such a bad name.

When I was young, they were called "wet the bed" because it was believed that is what would happen to you if you picked the dandelion. So we never picked them when we were out among the bluebells and the buttercups in the meadows.

The lovely rocket lettuce comes from the dandelion. Many people will not know that.

K Bell,


Sunday Independent

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