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Friday 28 July 2017

Real indignation at unions’ march

I MUST infer that Aidan Hampson (Letters, December 1) is a prime example of the purveyors of knee-jerk, lackadaisical and unreflective politicised sanctimony that seem so irritatingly popular in Ireland today. Or, (and which I feel is more likely) he is a prime example of a victim of RTE's knee-jerk, lackadaisical and unreflective mouthpiece-of-the-establishment reporting motif.

As anyone who attended the march on Saturday can tell you, the union leaders were hardly raucously cheered. O'Connor was almost drowned out by jeers and insults, and Begg flew in, spat out his rhetoric and escaped again before the chorus gathered enough momentum to similarly eject him.

Mr Hampson can relax knowing that, contrary to the prosaic and banal reporting of our national broadcaster, indignation prevailed at the march.

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