Thursday 17 August 2017

Quit the Seanad

Sir -- If the new Labour senator John Whelan has, as claimed in last week's Sunday Independent, "had enough after two-and-a-half hours" in the Seanad, then maybe he should consider his position and resign.

John Drennan's front-page article in last week's edition claimed that Mr Whelan thinks the Upper House of the Oireachtas is as "dead as a dodo" and should be abolished. I can't for the life of me understand why he ran for the Seanad in the first place when all along he was agreeing it should be got rid of!

There is a strong element, in my opinion, of hypocrisy in Mr Whelan's current situation: he runs for the Seanad, gets elected and now sits in it as a Labour Party member. And yet he doesn't believe in its existence! My question is: why is he there in the first place? Why doesn't he quit?

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