Wednesday 26 October 2016

Planting seeds for reform party

Published 18/11/2012 | 05:00

Madam – Further to John Drennan's article (Sunday Independent, November 4, 2012) on a new party committed to reform, I suggest people like Eddie Molloy, Mannix Flynn and Miriam Hederman O'Brien, plus the great Dr Ken Whitaker, should be involved.

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But also needed are the army of volunteers, helpers, carers and workers who hold this country together at local and national level.

Real reform needs to become a grassroots movement, committed to giving real power back to the citizens and taxpayers of this country.

It should aim to replace a failed system of governance with an equal partnership between government and citizens.

A good place to start might be to replace a patronising view of people as needing to be "looked after" by their politicians.

The only people the politicians looked after are themselves and their cronies.

A real reform movement can make Ireland what it should be – a fair and dynamic society.

The era of ego politics is drawing to an end... it's time for empathy. And legacy.

Gerry Kelly,

Rathgar, Dublin 6

Sunday Independent

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