Thursday 29 June 2017

Our hit-and-miss buses

Sir -- like everyone has done at one point or another, I ran for the bus last week only to have the doors slam in my face. It wasn't that the bus driver had not seen me, I was simply too late (as it was one of the few occasions the bus was on time).

Naturally, I was embarrassed and tried not to look at the faces of the passengers looking at me, amused and perhaps empathetic. The next day, as I was descending from the upstairs of the bus, the driver braked suddenly at the stop and I, along with the couple of bags I had, went crashing down the steps. Again I was deeply embarrassed, and again I avoided the eyes of the other passengers as I collected myself.

A friend said that these things happen in threes, and that I should avoid the bus and the 'third shame' that might come with it.

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