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Our District Nurses

Published 12/07/2015 | 02:30

Sir - All over this country we have monuments, bridges, streets, buildings, and railway stations named after people who deserved to be recognised and remembered. But there is one group of people who are never honoured and deserve to be honoured.

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This is the District Nurse. They save hundreds of lives every year with their dedication, love, affection, comfort, cure, hope, help - and ease suffering of patients.

Some of the things they do save GP visits and people going into hospitals, which saves them from spending days and nights on hospital trolleys, or in nursing homes, and keeps them in their own homes and saves the country millions of euro every year.

Some of the things they do are: give injections, take blood pressure, help diabetics, consults the GP by phone and get instructions and a second opinion on how to treat a patient and what to do and what tablet to give them. This saves a GP time on travel and visits. Today it is a great help to a GP who does be very busy.

It is time to increase the number of District Nurses.

Tom Doran

Artane, Dublin 5

Sunday Independent

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