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Tuesday 16 September 2014

O'Gara letter to Editor: Why I refuse to be scapegoated by Kevin Myers

Published 19/02/2010 | 05:00

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A dejected Ronan O'Gara walks from the pitch after Ireland's defeat in Paris at the weekend

I HAVE to reply to the scurrilous article by Kevin Myers (Irish Independent, February 16), although it takes a lot for me, as a professional sportsman, to react to a newspaper article.

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However, rugby is my place of work and whether it's with Munster, Ireland or the Lions, I take my work very seriously.

I do not accept being castigated by a journalist who I suspect knows nothing about rugby but somehow appoints himself as an 'expert'. This falls well short of the journalistic standards I would expect from one of our main national newspapers.

Ireland was well beaten last Saturday by a French team that was better on the day. I am but one of that Irish team and I'm well known for taking my share of responsibility, regardless of the outcome of any game.

I know only too well the build-up to Saturday's game -- and indeed to other recent internationals -- in relation to my position.

I am well able to analyse any game of rugby and would often be accused by those whom I most trust of being my own harshest critic. However, in relation to last Saturday, I will not be scapegoated by Mr Myers or any journalist who wants to write in that fashion.

Any article needs to be balanced and I would suggest to you, Mr Editor, that that is the least you should demand from your journalists, whether freelance or otherwise.

Ronan O'Gara

Irish Independent

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