Friday 21 July 2017

Obama is to blame

Sir -- I blame Barack Obama. His stunning sweep to power on the promise of change delivered by an inspirational politician dazzled everyone, but particularly it seems, members of the RTE newsroom. Did his siren call seduce both Charlie Bird and George Lee into undertaking their own misjudged "Yes we can" gestures? Well, if so, now the message appears to be "well, we thought we could, but on mature reflection, it seems no, we can't". Both should have understood, more than anyone, the old adage that a politician campaigns in poetry and governs in prose. It's not all inspiration and vision lads. Sometimes George, there's potholes to be fixed. As Charlie said "all journalists have got egos". Well, these ones had the hubris to match.

Brian Foley,

Phibsborough, Dublin 7

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