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Published 08/06/2014 | 02:30

Madam – We are now witnessing the rise of nationalism and socialism among our electorate.

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History shows us very clearly that this combination is potent, and has the potential to create extremely dangerous outcomes for our country.

France is certainly not a socio-economic model to follow. The French have not balanced their books for over 40 years, and the country has lost some of its brightest and best to London where well over a million French citizens now work and reside.

By supporting the rise of Sinn Fein, we will sleep-walk into trouble.

In order for Ireland to recover, we must be led by people who have the skills, knowledge and experience of working in the real economy.

Career politicians, of which there are many, quite simply do not understand the life of an SME and therefore are no longer required to represent us.

Thankfully, in our hour of need, there are very talented TDs such as Shane Ross and Stephen Donnelly who have come from industry and have clearly demonstrated that they understand the workings of the real economy.

More importantly, they are not afraid to speak out against the establishment, and will make the required change.

We need both Mr Ross and Mr Donnelly to now come together to form a party, along with other individuals such as David Hall, Lucinda Creighton, Jonathan Irwin, Diarmuid O'Flynn and Luke 'Ming' Flanagan, to lead us back to prosperity.

Olivia Hazell,

Clane, Co Kildare

Sunday Independent

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