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My economic scale

Published 05/12/2012 | 05:00

• Long, long ago as a lad with high hopes I studied economics at university. Back then we had pro-cyclical and anti-cyclical economic policies, elastic and inelastic demand. We had things called 'Giffen Goods', which may or may not even have existed.

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Later we got PPPs (Public Private Partnerships) – not many of them around now. We've had bull markets and bear markets.

Well, I'd like to update the world of economics by introducing the new pig and dog index.

The P&D shows how well Ireland is being governed at any point in time.

To many this scale will be self-explanatory but let me quickly outline it anyway. For simplicity it uses well-known phrases from the Irish vernacular.

Doing a fantastic job of running the country would be at the upper end of the scale – 'The Dog's Proverbial' (10).

Down at the other end where a complete mess of running the country is being made would be 'The Pig's Michael' (0).

Now just try it for yourself. How would you rate the Government's running of the country? Marks out of 10 please.

Philip Byrne
Bray, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent

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