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Mr Myers

Published 29/11/2012 | 17:00

• Answer me one question – is it possible to steal something that never existed in the first place?

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To me the answer seems obvious: no. However, you seem to be of a different opinion, declaring that the Irish people who take part in the Niall Mellon Township Trust are stealing jobs from South Africans by taking part in the charity.

The charity employs 2,000 South Africans all year round. If this charity did not exist, these 2,000 would not be employed and thousands of houses would not have been built to house families in South Africa since the charity was set up 10 years ago.

How exactly do you have the audacity and ignorance to suggest that we are taking jobs from South Africans when what the charity has in fact done is create jobs?

I travelled to Wallacedene in 2010 as part of the Niall Mellon Township Trust and my memories are of hard work and truly wonderful people with the intent to solely do good work.

What I would suggest to you is watching one of the many videos online which show the joy on the faces of the South African families as the charity hands over the keys of their very first house to them.

Your opinion is uneducated, misinformed, and downright ignorant. I would strongly recommend that you print a retraction and an apology to the Niall Mellon Township Trust. For the sake of the future of the charity I pray that you have not tarnished its name.

However, I have faith in the Irish people to see through the drivel you wrote last week.

Madeleine Canty
Address with editor

Irish Independent

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