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Missing the point

Published 14/01/2013 | 05:00

• David Quinn, writing about bishops and democracy, (Irish Independent, January 11) is clearly missing the point.

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Citing Sean Brady on just about anything is an insult to many on the issue of child abuse, while any criticism of the supposed celibate men with funny hats is seen by David as anti-clerical and is equally insulting to their critics; that a celibate does not know anything about women is also beside the point.

The abortion figure of 200,000 cited for England by Mr Quinn is where the woman makes an informed choice, and not where her very life is at stake. The figures here are negligible in those instances.

I cannot claim to know what an ordinary Catholic is, but that they need leadership tells me a lot. Be that as it may, if Mr Quinn's predictions are correct, then the less ordinary Catholics and other religions are best to beware when and if the bishops and Sean Brady once more regain their nerve and start to show clear and decisive leadership.

The only silver lining I wish for is that they will never tell ordinary Catholics, or anyone else, how to think again. Other than that, I am all for democracy, as well as free speech and thinking.

Barry Clifford
Oughterard, Galway

Irish Independent

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