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Middle Ireland is on its knees

Published 06/01/2013 | 05:00

Madam – With reference to Robert Sullivan's letter and Colm McCarthy's article, (Sunday Independent, December 30, 2012), Irish taxpayers must now sit up in 2013, "smell the coffee", and realise we are being "sold a lemon" by our Plutocratic governing coalition and the dictates of our Eurocracy. Lucinda Creighton is now telling "protesters" not to create a sense of "chaos or meltdown" in our economy, during the European presidency.

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Does she realise how many hundreds of thousands of people are really suffering in this country? Obviously not.

It's the same old story again and again: "We will create another 100,000 jobs," "the worst is over, we are turning a corner". But it is forever a bunch of false promises.

As well as suffering from serious "stagflation", Middle Ireland is on its knees. In 2012 alone, the number of mortgages defaulting continued to rise; each day 200 young, educated people left the country.

At the same time we have no control over our monetary policy, and the Coalition does not seem to realise that our most important trading partners are the UK and the US, whose currencies have devalued, making our exports increasingly more expensive. Our coalition has failed us and will continue to fail us – it's time to shout "Stop".

Olivia Hazell,

Clane, Co Kildare

Sunday Independent

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