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Media has failed to honour Constitution

Published 08/11/2012 | 05:00

• Why is it that so much of the media have failed to present the truth about our Constitution as it currently stands -- that it recognises and upholds the inherent and inalienable rights of all human beings, as humans, including children?

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Where is the independent, public interest journalism that would show that the Constitution upholds the natural rights of all, further guaranteeing and protecting the welfare, interests and rights of children by recognising the natural and inalienable rights and duties of the family, mothers and fathers?

These are rights and duties that existed prior to the State and the State has a duty to recognise and uphold them.

Why is it that most of the media have failed to point out that the Constitution explicitly provides for, in the current Article 42.5, the exceptional situations where parents fail in their duty to a child?

Why haven't the media pointed out the truth regarding cases where children were seriously mistreated in the home -- that those cases did not occur because of anything in, or not in, the Constitution, but despite the same, and often due to a serious failing on the part of state agencies?

Why have the media not pointed out that the State has not been unduly restricted in taking children from the custody of their parents, but rather has often done so in cases where it was not in the best interests of the child?

Nearly 200 children have died while in the "care" of the State in just the past few years.

As Mr Justice Hardiman stated in the notorious Baby Ann case, where the State was refusing to return a child to her mother and father despite the adoption not having been completed: "Though selflessness and devotion towards children may easily be found in other persons, it is the experience of mankind over millennia that they are generally found in natural parents, in a form so disinterested that in the event of conflict the interest of the child will usually be preferred."

If we had a strong, independent media, the public would know their Constitution.

Lynda Finneran
Granby Place, Dublin 1

Irish Independent

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