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Marty a turn-off

Published 09/12/2012 | 05:00

Madam – What planet does Declan Lynch inhabit? (Sunday Independent, November 25, 2012). Granted, we are lucky to have Lyric FM as our classical music station, as has any civilised country, but other countries do not impose a pop DJ such as Marty Whelan on the listeners of a classical music station.

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Any lover of classical music will tell you that Lyric is a no-go area between 7 and 10 in the morning. For every short piece of music he plays, there is a double dose of Marty's inconsequential rantings. Three hours of Marty Whelan equates to one hour of music and two hours of Marty's musings. What a waste.

Declan berates regular Lyric presenters as head girl and head boy types but he hasn't got the guts to name them. Who is he talking about? Lyric is gifted with a range of excellent presenters: Trish Taylor, Bernard Clarke, Lorcan Murray and Liz Nolan to mention but a few. John Kelly has an eclectic mix of music on his programme, but he differs from Marty in two ways: he treats his audience as intelligent adults and he knows when to shut up.

Declan says Marty has the effect of turning off the old head. For me and for thousands of others, Marty has the effect of doing my head in and turning off the radio.

Fergal McLoughlin,

Blackrock, Co Dublin

Sunday Independent

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