Wednesday 22 February 2017

M50 drink-drive checkpoint worthy of April Fools' Day

Published 11/01/2017 | 02:30

Gardaí doing a check on the M50. Photo: Mark Condren
Gardaí doing a check on the M50. Photo: Mark Condren

It was with mounting incredulity that I read Laura Larkin's report 'Garda set up drink-driving checkpoint on country's busiest road' (, January 7). A quick look at my calendar confirmed it was still January and I had not inadvertently stumbled into Doctor Who's Tardis and time-travelled forward to April 1.

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Is there any other place on the planet where law enforcement would deploy a road traffic checkpoint on a six-lane motorway?

What do we learn was the outcome of this much publicised crackdown? Out of 164 drivers stopped, just one was detected as over the legal limit for blood alcohol content. Oh, and five people were caught driving without tax discs displayed. Maybe if we had a joined-up IT system where the road tax database talked to the Garda traffic corps database, we wouldn't need to bring the M50 to a halt to find these things out.

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