Monday 25 September 2017

Lost in translation

I am a Polish person living and working in Ireland for the past seven years and would like to express my extreme disgust with the article about 'Magda'. I did not expect such a lack of professionalism from your newspaper. Having read the original article, it is obvious to me that what has been written in your paper does not accurately reflect the original.

I do agree, however, that the welfare system in Ireland is seriously flawed, given the fact that it does not make economical sense for lower-paid workers to take up employment.

However, this is the type of poor reporting that I would expect from the low-grade tabloids, somewhere in the back pages. This is why it comes as a great shock to me to see this inaccurate story on the front page of your paper. I have previously considered the Irish Independent to be a respectable paper, one that I have purchased on the regular basis over the past number of years.

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