Sunday 20 April 2014

Looking on the bright side is best way to start new year

• The Hootenanny is over, the tinsel will soon be put away, Jools Holland has popped the cork on the new year.

I don't hear much talk of resolutions or big plans. Ambitions and achievements are noble and should be appreciated, but sometimes the very business of surviving is all-consuming.

Those with little find it hard to take comfort in the fact that there are more worldwide with less.

Those who have much invariably have an appetite and expectation of replenishment and further advance. Everyone is waiting for the other guy to bridge the gap.

Brussels will blink on our debt: the Government will get a deal; those in negative equity will all find their burdens off-loaded.

I am for all of that. In the meantime, however, the only way to keep on keeping on is to appreciate the fact that no matter how little we have we all have a priceless gift – our lives.

It is not for sale and the wealthiest billionaire on the planet cannot buy one more precious second other than the time he is allotted by the old master.

Not only are we alive, but we are members of the greatest family imaginable; it is called humanity.

If we can remember to be humane to each other, if we can keep an eye out for the other guy, as well as for ourselves, things will inevitably get better.

The change begins with ourselves, and we will prevail if we reach into our spirit.

It is our nature to strive for something better, but the first step must be taken on the firm ground of hope.

The winter solstice has gone and the daylight will lengthen. It is my new year's wish that this brightness will lift all our hearts.

Happy New Year.

N O'Brien
Co Wicklow

Irish Independent

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