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Libertas leader attacked CAP

Published 03/05/2008 | 10:01

John Mc Gurk of Libertas was on RTE radio's 'Morning Ireland' on Monday, April 28 defending the comments of the leader of the Libertas campaign Declan Ganley -- who described the Common Agricultural Policy as a "weapon of mass destruction".

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Mr Mc Gurk said these comments were "taken ridiculously out of context", and that Mr Ganley, one of the leaders of the No campaign against the Lisbon Treaty wanted to reform the CAP so that small farmers could get the most financial benefit from it.

I beg to differ.

For the record, Declan Ganley wrote an article for the American Foreign Policy Institute which was entitled 'Europe's direction? A Voice from Ireland' on March 11 where he attacked the Common Agricultural Policy and even contended that CAP was a weapon of mass destruction being responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide.

Mr Ganley also wrote that the EU rules imposed ridiculous and amoral barriers to trade, and that Europe was operating highly inefficient CAP structures. He called the EU's decision to spend nearly half its budget on CAP "mindless".

These comments hardly tally with the Libertas defence that it wants to reform the CAP so that the small farmers of the West of Ireland can get maximum financial benefit from the CAP.

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