Monday 21 August 2017

Letters: Paying teachers to make mischief

Sir -- I refer to the article entitled 'The great escape into teaching' that featured in last week's paper (Sunday Independent, April 4, 2010). After reading this article I was both amazed and disappointed.

The opening assertion that "teaching is seen as a lifestyle choice" shocked me. "A lifestyle choice?" I asked myself. But I thought all teachers were in their "vocation" because they felt a need to educate the young, because they always knew they wanted to be teachers, because they didn't mind correcting papers long into the night while us private-sector workers clocked off at five from a day of drinking coffee and chatting at the water cooler?

When I hear teachers in various debates about pay cuts relating to their "vocation" I am lost for words. Surely people offering such a public service aren't worried about money?

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