Monday 25 September 2017

Leaving Cert is a serious test

Sir -- In response to Eilis O'Hanlon's article on our "poor dears" attitude to Leaving Cert students (Sunday Independent, June 12, 2011) I would like to express my shock at an Irish lady's attitude to the generation of the future.

I myself sit my Leaving Cert exams this month. It pains me to hear the older generation trivialising the importance of the Leaving Cert. I agree, fundamental changes should be made on some parts of the course to stimulate active learning and research, rather than playing a "memory game".

However, how is it fair to berate 17- and 18-year-olds who sacrifice so much to fulfil their lifelong ambitions of becoming doctors/vets/lawyers/teachers, etc-? How can one look in the eye of a devastated teenager who has not gained enough points for the vocation that is most fulfilling to them, and say "stop being such a cosseted little prima donna" or "well, there's no jobs for you anyway"?

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