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Keeping the faith

Published 06/12/2012 | 05:00

• In John O'Connell's letter, 'Faith as happiness' (Letters, December 3), he displays the exact attitude which drives people away from faith in their droves.

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It is this kind of sanctimonious attitude that says, "I have faith, and I am happy, therefore someone without faith must be unhappy." It is pure drivel.

Mr O'Connell's entire point is based on a false syllogism: "What is faith? Faith is a form of happiness. So the lack of faith is a reflection of a loss of happiness."

The logic simply doesn't follow, it only appeals to the built-in smugness that is derived from the very message it advertises.

This is certainly not a way to usher people back to the pews. Perhaps instead try inclusiveness, tolerance or transparency?

As for the thought of a revolution led by people of faith – historically, these haven't worked out great for humanity, so let's instead try and push toward new enlightenment.

Brian Murphy
British Columbia, Canada

Irish Independent

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