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It's not all bad!

Published 30/11/2012 | 05:00

• Peter Fox's letter on November 28 bemoans the fact that "democracy is dying in Ireland" and that the Dail is in "decay".

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It is easy to be pessimistic about this country now that it has effectively been declared bankrupt.

Notwithstanding our understandable pessimism, and even though we have been failed by some our most powerful citizens in some of our most important institutions, Mr Fox is not right.

For all their faults, we still have a functioning democracy and a vibrant media. We belong to the EU, which, while having its own problems, is one of the most advanced societies in the world and gives our businesses access to a market of nearly half-a-billion customers.

Some important commentator said that democracy was an awful system of government – until you think of the alternatives, that is.

We should be careful that, in looking for an alternative utopia, we do not, in a fit of pique, damage our democracy and other institutions irrevocably and thus end up in a worse situation.

A Leavy
Shielmartin Drive, Sutton, Dublin 13

Irish Independent

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