Wednesday 26 October 2016

Ireland should leave EU

Published 05/01/2014 | 02:30

Madam -- Reading contributions from Colm McCarthy and Eddie Hobbs (Sunday Independent, December 29, 2013), I have come to the conclusion that Ireland should leave the EU, or at least the euro, while we still can.

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Europe has been nothing but trouble to us from the word go and has us in the mess we are now in. Politicians are coming back with promises on a weekly basis that all would be sorted, when instead we are being hauled in like a fish on a line into a deeper relationship with a Europe steadily being taken over by a resurgent Germany, which still has its eye on Russian resources.

And there was Jose Barroso with his insulting remarks. This is not the first time since the beginning of the crisis that he has directed his spleen towards Ireland and quietened down only when his own country got itself into a similar mess. I guess he was having a last shot at us before he departs. I say good riddance.

One of these mornings we will wake up and find our bank accounts raided by Angela and Co. We should take note of Britain's reluctance to get deeply involved. Britain will say "No" in a referendum. Where will that leave us?

With Britain's borders closed and our own wide open, God help us as a country. Ireland as we know it is gradually being taken over, and in a few short years we will have a group imposing its culture and religion on us... or else!

We are more British than European -- the proof being that more of our young people head there rather than Europe.

Give us a new political party which will take us out of Europe and the silly euro and I for one will vote for it. I certainly have no intention of learning German and I do not want it to become the language of Europe. English is good enough for me, thank you very much, Angela.

S O'Rourke,

Co Galway

Irish Independent

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