Tuesday 26 September 2017

Idealistic support for taxpayers

Sir -- I agree with Gerry Kelly's letter (Sunday Independent, January 29, 2012), regarding the formation of a taxpayers' movement. I would like to tell Gerry that I have had two very fortuitous chance meetings with economic and political commentators who could help us. Both were in cafes in Dublin.

Just before Christmas I sat beside Vincent Browne and the second time, only last week, where I sat beside Constantin Gurdgiev, who features regularly on Mr Browne's show. I spoke to both, who were utterly charming. I suggested to Mr Gurdgiev that he should set up his own political party and the person who was with him -- a member of the establishment -- was clearly rattled by my praise, and resorted to saying: "he is too left wing". Well if a member of our current establishment does not know the difference between left- and right-wing political thinking, then surely a taxpayers' movement would have a good chance of bringing down our current Government?

Olivia Hazell,

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