Wednesday 26 July 2017

I never said Irish were 'starving'

Sir -- Re your headline (Sunday Independent, April 10, 2011) -- "Poles in fear of 'starved Irish' influx": I never, ever suggested in my article the Irish nation is starving and will be coming to Poland. This would be most absurd! I know the realities in Ireland. I respect your rich, educated and cultured nation and envy your incredible success with the Celtic Tiger that was made possible by your economic policy and national genius. I hope in a few years' time you will forget your troubles and will experience another "Irish miracle".

I do repeat again and again: I am aware you are not starving as a nation. To suggest otherwise would be absurd. I never did and never linked it with the Irish emigration issue.

I do know that a recurring emigration phenomenon is a cause of much grief in Ireland. This is a media topic in Dublin and a topic of conversation in some Irish homes. I regret this is happening to too many in your industrious nation. This is because of outrageous mistakes by your political class. This is the topic of two-thirds of my article -- not mentioned in one word by your columnist.

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