Friday 22 September 2017

Homemade war on pesky wasps

Sir -- While digging my front garden on a recent Saturday morning, I dug up a nest of wasps. I battled with them, using my spade, before making a hasty retreat without being stung.

Soon afterwards a neighbour told me his wife was cutting grass on the side of an embankment in their back garden when she disturbed a large nest of wasps. She was stung three times, but did not seek medical attention. Nevertheless she suffered no ill effects. But I have heard of adults dying after being stung.

Another neighbour told me of calling in professionals to get rid of a nest of wasps attached to the side of his house. That cost him €100. I applied my own remedy to my problem. I threw boiling water on them. I threw cold water on them. A lake formed and drowned their queen. I threw burning newspapers at them. Finally I sprayed them with appropriate chemicals. This all took a few days, but now my garden is wasp free apart from the odd visitor.

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