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Hazards caused by pedestrians

Published 22/11/2008 | 12:30

In response to Margaret O'Driscoll (Letters, November 20) I would like to point out a few things.

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While she is right that some cyclists do cycle in a dangerous manner, pedestrians need to have some "cop on" as well.

I cycle to work from Dublin 7 to Dublin 3 every day and at the weekends I cycle around the Phoenix Park.

Cycle lanes and walking lanes are clearly marked. On most days a cyclist like myself will encounter pedestrians walking on the cycle lane who will not move out of the way.

In fact, they give you a dirty look as if to imply that I, the cyclist, am in the wrong lane, which I am not. Sometimes when you give them warning they still do not move.

Also, many pedestrians, when about to cross, will step onto the road and then look to see if any traffic is coming instead of the other way around, potentially causing serious injuries to me, the cyclist.

Margaret should not be so hasty to attack all cyclists when some pedestrians are as bad, or worse.



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