Thursday 27 October 2016

Good Friday pub ban is utter nonsense

Published 11/03/2010 | 05:00

I must comment on Fr Adrian Egan's assertions regarding Good Friday ('Priest saddened by vintners' bid for holy day opening', Irish Independent, March 9). He says it his opinion that "the match should not go ahead", never mind the pubs just opening.

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This man needs to get into the 21st century.

First of all, if people wish to go down to the pub to watch rugby on Good Friday that's their business, it is not the place of a Catholic priest to be dictating when and where we watch sport.

Nor is it the place of the State to be facilitating bans in favour of one religious group's ideology over another. That is bordering on discrimination against non-religious citizens.

As for "sacred" Good Friday, perhaps it is to practising Roman Catholics, but let's be honest here, pubs open on Sundays and it doesn't stop Catholics going to Mass, does it?

It is utter nonsense that pubs can't open on Good Friday. It is a throwback to the days when Rome ruled the roost. Although, given recent events, that appears to still be the case.

Also, there is no reliable historic evidence that the event ever happened in the first place, and if it did then you can be pretty sure it was not specifically on April 3.

Wasn't the dating of Easter the reason for the split between Rome and the Orthodox church?

Once again we have the spectacle of religion interfering in the everyday lives of the people, even those of us who are not interested in their beliefs.

If Fr Egan wants to stay at home and "reflect" then good for him, but don't spoil it for everyone else.

Munster v Leinster is going to be a cracker of a game and Limerick could do with some good publicity for a change, not to mention the economic boost it brings. I hope the pubs are open and everybody has a great day out.

E Appleby


I strongly support Fr Adrian Egan of Limerick who calls for a public debate on how people should approach Good Friday.

Could no other day have been found for this match or is nothing sacred anymore? Is secularisation to take over without a murmur from anyone?

More consideration and respect should be given to the religious sensitivity of many of us on this island.

Hilda Geraghty

Dublin 18

Irish Independent

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