Friday 28 October 2016

God help us all if Hillary Clinton doesn't triumph over Trump

Published 04/06/2016 | 02:30

Clinton represents the female majority, which has long been marginalised (Picture: Getty Images)
Clinton represents the female majority, which has long been marginalised (Picture: Getty Images)

As a man, I have felt for a long time that the under-representation of the majority of the population, women, in the decision-making forums of what are supposed to be representative democracies is one of the major faults of democratic rule worldwide. I think that marginalising the talents, perspectives and interests of such an important and vital majority is not in anyone's interest.

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I am, therefore, totally at a loss when I see Hillary Clinton described in what is supposed to be rational political discourse as a "dinosaur", "tarnished", "crooked" and a "feminist Nazi" - and these descriptions are unchallenged.

I cannot understand why her second attempt to be the first woman to become the most powerful politician in the world is meeting with so much opposition, especially from women.

I am even more at a loss when I see the arrogance-will-get-you-everywhere attitude of Donald Trump, her Republican opponent, being praised by commentators, and newspaper headings describing "young women swooning" over Sanders, the near-totalitarian socialist who is opposing her from within her own Democratic party.

Emphasising the point is the fact that Trump - a near-totalitarian right-winger - was described by a learned professor in an article in the 'New York Times' as "echoing Europe in the 1930s".

Clinton is not without fault, but she is an experienced and capable politician representing the mainstream, democratic centre, which has kept totalitarian extremes at bay since WW II.

She is also a member of the female majority, which has been politically marginalised for centuries.

If Clinton, as representing mainstream democracy, and as a member of the majority of the population, does not become the next president of the US when all she has opposing her are Trump and Sanders - representatives of the arrogant, patriarchal and near-totalitarian right and left respectively - one would worry for the future of democracy.

A Leavy

Sutton, Dublin

A brief history of political time

Imagine, if you will, complete nothingness. No space, no time, blanket darkness. Out of this emptiness, according to scientific theory, a small spark ignited - producing a big bang.

Life erupted all over a fledgling universe.

From where did this spark emanate? Why, from 'Homo Politicos', of course. Who else? Emptiness was not happy having just nothingness for company. There was no one to bully, or empower. Boredom set in, creating political energy. Political energy built up in emptiness.

This energy created political resistance, and the resistance began to think of inventing power. Thinking led to political ideology. Political ideas generated a political spark.

This political spark ignited an explosion. Boom! The big political bang exploded, scattering orbs of light energy all over a newly born universe. A political supernova.

One of these light orbs christened itself Homo Politicos.

Homo Politicos waited patiently while time began its human evolution towards Homo Erectus. Homo Politicos could now stand for leadership. Survival of the politically fittest of the species had been conceived. One was elected leader. He called himself B.O.S.S. (Born Of Solar Synthesis). Homo Politicos's political sojourn was ready to commence.

Anthony Woods

Ennis, Co Clare

We need regulation - with teeth

With two bankers found guilty of conspiracy to defraud - a most serious crime against the Irish nation - will we finally get a regulatory body with teeth?

The cap of the iceberg has finally melted. Surely, following the most disastrous banking period since the foundation of the Irish State, we will have an inquiry body.

We owe it to the innocent house-buyers who were not told the property market was about to collapse (and who are now being evicted to enrich vulture capitalists) to restore belief in our regulatory and governmental system.

We need to know officially what really happened.

Sean Simon

Boyle, Co Roscommon

Let the British decide on Brexit

I cannot fathom why outsiders such as President Barack Obama and a retinue of his former secretaries of defence and state, and national security advisors and general secretaries of the United Nations - and now former Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern among many others - are rushing to predict doom and gloom if the United Kingdom decides in a free, democratic and transparent referendum to leave the EU. This is a British affair, pure and simple.

It affects the British people and impacts on their daily lives.

All the above-mentioned have passed their use-by date.

David Cameron and his ilk are dragging the UK into the mud.

Their campaign is descending to new lows - with threats and talk of dangers if the UK decides to leave the EU.

Brexit is not about immigration. The UK has an unparalleled track record of being a multicultural, tolerant and diverse society.

Migrants and refugees have contributed tremendously to the political, economic, educational, cultural and religious richness of this country.

What we need is informative debate, not brazen tactics of fear and threats.

Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob

London, NW2 7QY

A charming image of times past

What a charming picture of the female Inter Cert students from 1964 (Irish Independent, June 1), all posing with effortless elegance. Hopefully life has been kind to them in the interim.

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, Dublin 9

A word to the wise for drivers

To all of our children - now young adults - who will be travelling around Ireland by car this bank holiday weekend: have a great time, look out for your friends and please, please, come home safely.

Damien Carroll

Kingswood, Dublin 24

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