Thursday 29 June 2017

Free parking for Lee is an insult

I SEE that in return for his six months as a TD for Dublin South, George Lee will get free parking for life on the grounds of Leinster House.

Most people tend to use paid parking once a week at weekends for about four hours, at an approximate cost of €4 per hour. So if you do the sums, it seems that if Mr Lee were to use the Leinster House car park on a similar basis for the rest of his life, he would be saving just under €28,000 – which is, by coincidence, a euro for every vote he got in the by-election last summer.

Can I suggest to Mr Lee that he send a euro to every one of his voters in thanks for this free perk? Or perhaps in a move that would be more fitting, he should make a donation of this amount to a charity based in Dublin South?

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