Wednesday 20 September 2017

Fine Gael needs a new statesman

Regarding "FG's Varadkar denies 'sexism'" (Letters, February 2), it may well be that Leo Varadkar TD is, as he claims, not sexist. From sentences such as: "I sincerely hope that Ms Dignam raises her children to be more dispassionate and discerning than she is" and the general tone of a very public letter from an elected representative, one presumes he is not a chauvinistic bully boy either.

Of all the problems Ireland faces, the most terrifying vista (given Tuesday's missive) is the likelihood that Mr Varadkar and his ilk will be in government and within two years.

For Fine Gael and the country's sake, I do hope Enda and Richard can teach the youngsters some manners before then. Oh for the days of statesmen like Garret FitzGerald.

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