Monday 26 June 2017

Deaths need sensitivity

Sir -- It is with great regret and annoyance that I correspond with you. I've always loved the Sunday Independent, but I feel the issue of January 17 with Barry Egan's piece on the death of Jack Marry was very unsettling.

To describe him as a man who "blew his brains out" is a phrase we would often see in our tabloid friends when they are describing the latest gun victim. Jack Marry was a proud, hard-working, funny and fair man. If he was still alive, he would probably not allow a comment like this about any of his friends to be tolerated.

Barry went on to say "I didn't know any of these men except Patrick Rocca"; therefore, he didn't know anything about my uncle. In the interests of all concerned, I feel a more sensitive way of describing a death should be put into immediate effect in all our newspapers.

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