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Coping with bullying , the invisible killer

Published 29/11/2012 | 17:00

• There is relentless coverage in our media of the tragic Savita case, and rightly so. Like everybody else, I have been struck by the public outpouring of concern for what happened and the campaign for what needs to happen.

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We've had protests, candlelit vigils and numerous 'Prime Time', 'Frontline', and 'Tonight with Vincent Browne' programmes fully covering the tragedy.

However, equally tragic is the loss of three young schoolgirls as a direct result of bullying. Yes, the media have covered this quite well, but not to the same degree.

Of course, the intention of the outpouring in the Savita case is to find out what and how it all went wrong, and to prevent it happening in future. But that would also be the hope of the families of those young girls who tragically lost their lives to one of the biggest scourges to afflict our school-going children.

It is so difficult to gauge, police and solve. How many kids, this morning while eating their breakfast, dread going through the school gates to face another day of harassment and ridicule? I dread to think.

Where is the public outpouring and concern for these children? Why are there not the same amount of hours being spent by all politicians on this problem as there are on the Savita issue?

It worries me. Make no mistake about it, one of the biggest threats to the family unit in society today is bullying.

Declan Burke

Irish Independent

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