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Celtic Tiger shows its teeth once more

Published 07/12/2012 | 05:00

• The greatest trick the Celtic Tiger ever pulled was to convince the Irish public that it disappeared. It has not. As the old adage goes, 'They do it with smoke and mirrors, you know.'

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Child benefit to be cut by €10, but not a cent to be touched from Mr Kenny's €200,000 annual salary.

Medical card subscriptions to triple, but not a cent to be touched from Mr Gilmore's €184,405 annual salary.

Homelessness on the increase, child poverty numbers climbing, unemployment reaching record highs, benefits cut, but not a cent of any minister's €169,275 annual salary to be touched by this "fair" Budget.

Every normal citizen in this country feared this Budget, but not our elected elite, nor those they represent. How easily they have warmed to that coldest of words, austerity, and applied it ruthlessly to those who can least afford it. Its chill has not been felt by those on multi-million-euro bank pensions – or by the untouchable bondholders.

The Celtic Tiger is alive and well, and now that times are lean and the 'few' need even more from the many to maintain their lifestyles, the Tiger has turned on its Celtic cubs and consumed them, with its signature greedy gusto.

The Celtic Tiger is gone? I wish.

Glyn Carragher
Ballygar, Co Galway

Irish Independent

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