Saturday 19 August 2017

Career criminals ignored by gardai

Sir -- I felt that Cathal McCarthy's article (Sunday Independent, March 7, 2010), discussed a critically important issue which is rarely addressed. In essence, people who chose to opt out of society are treated the same by State and police as those who contribute -- and, by their taxes, finance -- our society. Our police and courts are, if anything, more sympathetic to this subclass than they are to the taxpaying middle class that pays for them.

Take the example of the four yobs in Tipperary who were ignored by the police and allowed to cause carnage around the town all day. I have no doubt that on the same day plenty of people were given fines for being marginally over speed limits or overstaying parking time limits.

It is as if the police consciously ignore thugs and career criminals and prioritise targeting non dangerous taxpayers for minor offences.

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