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Cardinal errors

Published 05/12/2012 | 05:00

• I read with great interest that when a bishop is made a cardinal or prince of the church, he ditches his violet-coloured garments for new red ones.

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Gammarelli, tailors to the Pope since 1798, will be employed to make a pair of cassocks – one red and one black – for around €1,500.

Then between the mozzetta hoods, three pointed hats, a zucchetto skull cap and special red socks as well as a fascia or sash, the cardinals will get two sets of these outfits which brings the total order to a princely €5,000 for each cardinal-elect.

There is no recession in the Vatican.

Why is there a need for cardinals in the Catholic Church? Someone told me they're needed to elect the Pope. All these thousands of cardinals who are very often seen in the Vatican clamouring around one another makes a sickening scene.

The Vatican has too much power. Why cannot a mere priest of the church have the same power as cardinals? The priest is ordained and has complete power over all the sacraments.

He is a man of God. A follower of Christ, a believer in the Gospel. All these sanctimonious vulgar displays by bishops and cardinals are far removed from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A child could see the vulgarity of it all. And yet the Catholic Church wants people to come back to the church.

The Pope, bishops, and cardinals should tune themselves into the Gospel of Jesus Christ who they purport to follow or they won't be getting followers to follow their meaningless ways.

We can do without bishops and cardinals. There are too many bishops and cardinals hiding behind Christ's cross with too many ideas of their own. Who put them there?

Ms Terry Healy
Kill, Co Kildare

Irish Independent

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