Thursday 20 July 2017

Can't be serious

•Driving home from work this evening and listening to the radio I had to remind myself that today was not April 1. My first impression was that what I had just heard on radio was a joke. But alas, a joke it was not.

No, it was a feeble-minded attempt from a government that has lost its direction to con the people into believing it has addressed the scandal of the super-pensions. The joke was that this "bold move", representing a €4,000 reduction in a €150,000 pension, will make the coming austerity more palatable to the little people.

I am sure it is enormously comforting for a mother about to lose €10 per month in child benefit that Bertie Ahern must now survive on €147,000. I have no doubt the idiot who dreamed this up will ultimately reflect on whether inaction may after all have been the better option.

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