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Bruton has hard neck insulting us

Published 18/11/2012 | 05:00

Madam – The anger I feel after reading the comments of John Bruton has probably laid another layer of cynicism on my already corroded soul.

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Mr Bruton chastises the media and the plain people for lacking "forgiveness". Can I remind Mr Bruton that "forgiveness" comes after atonement, acceptance and apology. As Mr Bruton pointed out, "forgiveness" comes after punishment. Which of the people Mr Bruton refers to have been punished? Which of them have admitted their guilt and has apologised for destroying the nation?

Not one politician has been sacked for gross mismanagement. Indeed, we have tax cheats sitting in Dail Eireann. Should we forgive those people, seeing as they deem themselves to have done nothing wrong in the first place?

Not a single banker or developer has gone to jail for, to but it bluntly, riding the nation. Does Mr Bruton want us to "forgive" those who slithered away, refused to explain themselves but accepted the largesse of bomb-proof pensions on the grounds of legally binding "contracts", whilst the retired postman, ambulance driver and soldier were fleeced.

Mr Bruton has a hard neck insulting us through the Sunday papers with his pious musings of "forgiveness". To add further insult, he deemed the nation as foolish when all this loose cash suddenly appeared. Funnily enough, that easy money never trickled down to the masses.

Now Mr Bruton wants us to "forgive" those thieves, those who failed the nation in its darkest hour. Is it not enough that we have bailed them out, provided "developers" with six-figure salaries, shafted the old, closed the hospitals, imposed house taxes to pay the German master and bungling Irish idiots. Must we now ourselves apologise for daring to even think we were sold a pup?

Well you can hump off, pal. I'll forgive when I see punishment meted, when I see real sorrow expressed and when they have paid their debts. Of course, when you have a pension almost as big as the salary of the leader of the free world it's easy to talk cobblers about "forgiveness".

The fact that we are now exposed to John Bruton's innermost thoughts in the Sunday paper is too much for me. If Mr Bruton wants "forgiveness" for those snakes, I suggest he say a prayer for them. And spare the rest of us a lecture on morals.

John Cuffe,

Dunboyne, Co Meath

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