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Bad start . . . A useful Tool . . . Pat's toying with us

Published 27/11/2008 | 00:00

- American Vice President-elect Biden is already sounding like the present Vice President Dick Cheney with his rallying-the-troops call this week where he was quoted: "We can no longer be energy dependent on Saudi Arabia or a Venezuelan dictator."

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When one considers these comments in relation to Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez has repeatedly been elected by a vast majority of his own people, I am wondering if the new President is going to be any different to Mr Bush? I do hope I am wrong.

lIn his article (November 26) Darragh McManus lists off some of the "worst" rock band names. In the list he has 'Tool'.

I would like to let Mr McManus know that the name was used as the band members, Maynard James Keenan et al, consider themselves tools through which their music speaks. In order to prove that they are more about the music than anything else, all Mr McManus would have to do is look at their videos. They only appear in one video where you can recognise them.

Therefore, calling themselves 'Tool' is a great idea as it lets us listeners know that the people creating the music are just the 'tools' through which the music is given life.

So of all the names mentioned in the article, this is perhaps the best name, indeed, possibly one of the best names out there to describe any band.

lCongratulations to Barbara Heavey for sticking to her guns. Does Pat Kenny think the whole country is holding its breath until he makes his appearance on RTE on the Toy Show, or any other show for that matter?

Some of us are able to think for ourselves and decide what does, or does not, interest us.

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