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Arboreal anxiety

Published 07/01/2013 | 05:00

• I was horrified to read in the Irish Independent about a practice that appears to be gaining in popularity Europe-wide, and is now spreading to these shores.

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This new "sport" involves the ill-treatment of a piece of nature, which would, typically, have been bought about a month ago and given pride of place during the festive season, covered in lights and baubles.

It is now proposed to dispose of these unfortunate arboreus specimens by subjecting them to the final ignominy of being the missiles in a tree-throwing competition. Have these trees not been through enough?

They have had their peaceful sojourn on wooded slopes rudely disturbed by a chainsaw; they have then been plonked into a tub of dirt before being dolled up like a strumpet; and now, the final insult is to be hurled at will.

Trees have feelings, too, you know. As a closet tree-hugger, I feel I must protest loudly and vigorously at such cruelty. Trees should be for life – not just for Christmas.

DK Henderson
Clontarf, Dublin 3

Irish Independent

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